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+++ enough packages to setup a good newer xfce (the goal is 4.14 in near times)+++
Thank you very much to all on!

XFCE4-4.13 –all core packages works also the apps such:
also plugins:
xfce4-volumed-pulse, xfce4-pulseaudio (this is also a replacement for xfce4-mixer),…
more is on progress

new testdisk and photorec packages on repo


new testing iso

new testing iso
– kernel-4.11.4-pclos1
– consolekit-1.1.2 is new release of consolekit2 from here
packages installed

20.May 2017
new testing iso – kernel-4.11.1-pclos1

15.May 2017
–to testing —
latest iso from today Quait2017-05-15may2017.iso

new  consolekit-1.1.1-1pclos2017.x86_64.rpm
it’s more systemd-free than before


05.May 2017
— to testing —

The following additional packages are available online at repo:

description: A kernel module for Realtek 8169 network cards,
RTL8110SC(L) (RTL8110S/RTL8110SB(L)/RTL8169SB(L)/RTL8169S(L)/RTL8169)

description: A kernel module for Realtek 8101 network cards,
apply to RTL8107E as well.

description: Linux driver for RTL8723DS.
It has been modified to build cleanly for kernels through v4.11.
– Station and Access-point provided

description: Linux driver for RTL8723DS.
It has been modified to build cleanly for kernels through v4.11.
– not provides Station and Access-point
only one device provided

All these dkms should only be installed if it is not possible with the kernel’s own drivers to make a connection, in the next ISO, these are then also available in the offline repo of the LiveMedia, so no Internet connection is necessary to install them in the Live mode or after installation on a machine.

nvme-cli provides NVM-Express user space tooling for Linux.

03.May 2017
–> download enabled
–> Quait2017-05.iso   (03May2017) ready to test
all installed packages 
dkms-packages should be uninstalled after the installation on the machine, the kernel update does not take the first start into the new kernel unnecessarily long, use the synaptic package manager

dkms installed on liveiso:
bbswitch, v0.8-1pclos2014
facetimehd, 0.1-1pclos2016
mt7630e, 2.0.8-2pclos2017
mt7650u_sta, 0.0.1-2pclos2017
ndiswrapper, 1.61-1pclos2017
nvidia304, 304.135-1pclos2017
nvidia340, 340.102-1pclos2017
nvidia-current, 375.39-2pclos2017
r8168, 8.044.02-3pclos2017
rtl8188eu, 1.0-2pclos2017
rtl8192cu, 0.1-2pclos2017
rtl8192du, 1.0-2pclos2017
rtl8723bu, 1.0-3pclos2017
rtl8723ds, 1.0-1pclos2017
rtl_bt, 0.1-2pclos2017
rtlwifi, 0.6-10pclos2017


–> new  Qua-it-2017-03-15032017.iso


below are installed dkms-rpms, can help , TESTING this

dkms status | grep 4.9.10-pclos | sort

broadcom-wl,, 4.9.10-pclos1, x86_64: installed
facetimehd, 0.1-1pclos2016, 4.9.10-pclos1, x86_64: installed
mt7612u,, 4.9.10-pclos1, x86_64: installed
mt7630e, 2.0.8-1pclos2017, 4.9.10-pclos1, x86_64: installed
ndiswrapper, 1.61-1pclos2017, 4.9.10-pclos1, x86_64: installed
r8168, 8.043.02-7pclos2017, 4.9.10-pclos1, x86_64: installed
rtl8188eu, 1.0-1pclos2017, 4.9.10-pclos1, x86_64: installed
rtl8192du, 1.0-1pclos2017, 4.9.10-pclos1, x86_64: installed
rtlwifi, 0.6-5pclos2017, 4.9.10-pclos1, x86_64: installed


a few newer network-drivers are here to testing:

dkms status | grep 4.8.9 | sort
bbswitch, v0.8-1pclos2014, 4.8.9-pclos1, x86_64: installed
broadcom-wl,, 4.8.9-pclos1, x86_64: installed
ndiswrapper, 1.60-1pclos2016, 4.8.9-pclos1, x86_64: installed
nvidia304, 304.131-2pclos2016, 4.8.9-pclos1, x86_64: installed
nvidia340, 340.96-2pclos2016, 4.8.9-pclos1, x86_64: installed
nvidia-current, 375.20-1pclos2016, 4.8.9-pclos1, x86_64: installed
r8168, 8.043.02-5pclos2016, 4.8.9-pclos1, x86_64: installed
rtl8188eu, 1.0-1pclos2016, 4.8.9-pclos1, x86_64: installed
rtl8192du, 4.2.1_7122.20130408-2pclos2016, 4.8.9-pclos1, x86_64: installed
rtl8723bu, 1.0-1pclos2016, 4.8.9-pclos1, x86_64: installed
rtlwifi, 0.6-2pclos2016, 4.8.9-pclos1, x86_64: installed


21. Nov 2016


31.Oct2016 –RC2 kernel-4.8.5-1pclos

installed rpms

28.Aug2016    the finale RC1 next is RC2 with kernel-4.7.x GTK+3.20.x and newer XFCE


01.Aug2016 — as the base for 2017
-to time without newer XFCE

15.July2016 from now i will only provide this

all rpms are upgraded today  + i love PCLinuxOS

the development on is going fast to building all with new gtk+ and more as depended on it, the latest information i have is, that’s the next stable API for gtk+ comes with the release 3.26, from this up the parallel install of different version should work for next build on gtk+4…

> what’s this meaning for you?  load and install this iso above, and keep it updated, don’t enable the quait-repo ( not realy exist ) and not remove xfce-packages, so this will work as it is;

15.July2016 PLEASE SEE IN „BUG“ to upgrade gvfs and gphoto

19.June2016  last Quait2016.iso

kernel-4.6.2-1pclos Thunar-0.6.10   quait-repo not enabled by default,  — change to extremetesting for few months …

14.June2016     to 2017 EXTREMETESTING

new ISO in few days here

working: THUNAR-1.8.0, kernel-4.6.2-pclos1, glib2.0-common-2.49.1, gtk+3.0-3.20.6, gvfs-1.29.2, xfce4-power-manager-1.6.0,

dkms status:

nvidia340, 340.96-2pclos2016, 4.6.2-pclos1, x86_64: installed
broadcom-wl,, 4.6.2-pclos1, x86_64: installed
bbswitch, v0.8-1pclos2014, 4.6.2-pclos1, x86_64: installed
r8168, 8.042.00-1pclos2016, 4.6.2-pclos1, x86_64: installed
nvidia-current, 361.42-1pclos2016, 4.6.2-pclos1, x86_64: installed
nvidia304, 304.131-2pclos2016, 4.6.2-pclos1, x86_64: installed
ndiswrapper, 1.59-4pclos2015, 4.6.2-pclos1, x86_64: installed

installed pkglist


a few corrections on the cairo-dock-app-starters ,  removed older cpufreq… see installed packages since May 15 the mainline-kernel 4.6 is released, if all works and he’s become longterm adjective — then next iso will provide here a few days later…


the newer kernel-4.4.10-pclos1 solved the suspend-issue on my machine



–suspend2ram works fine with kernel-4.5.3-quait2-pae.bfs

new kernels in repo to testing better suspend2ram and/or 2disk(hibernate), extremely testing… enable the qitest-section on synaptic and reload, beware not selecting all of them rpms to upgrading, just select one of kernel-rpms… see on BUG what’s working

  • planed kernel-4.4.9-quait2 and 4.5.3-quait2 also in bfs.pae versions


>> all available updates until today from PCLinuxOS installed


below link to iso changed !

kernel-4.4.7-1-1pclos, hplib-3.16.3-3quait2016 now really systemd-free, SYSFS in 56-hpmud.rules removed with ATTR  by building rpm,

knowing bugs:  grub2 – script on kernel-update errors…  must rebuild on next times


for udev-221 : loose the udev-acl function since udev-182; is there a way to become back as additional sub to provide newer udev-functions to be inline with super-older udev168 depended pkg’s ???    and then enable udev-acl in all upower related pkg ???  !!!pm-utils conflicts with laptop-mode-tools!!!—>??? not real (s.b.)

laptop-mode-tools-1.69.2 with GUI is in …-systemdfree!

knowing bugs:

– the gdm-theme is not set to livesession(not usernam:password information to seeing )

– to change to user-language use the menu-entry on login

– i can’t test grub2 as bootmanager to installation on harddrive


working to solve suspend+hibernate-issues, since kernel-4.4.3 seems to fails ( not only depending to upower-version ) ( provide a  pm+acpi-4.4-final-patch for kernelbuilds with 4.4.6 , also newer tuxonice-patches should/must to be including ??? — by this way ) – changing to udev-221 from eudev-fork on arch-AUR…. keep free of systemd!!! i hope


Coming soon:    Quá ít 2016-04 release 64bit

now with:

kernel-4.4.6-pclos1, upower-0.99.4, consolekit2-1.0.2, xfce4-desktop, cairodock with xfceintegration, conky, hplip-3.16.3, moved starter on xfce4-settings-manager to Personal-categorie and add system-,hardware-,software-related to newer categories,  and many many more…

installed packages

———- in progress —————-

   read more about changes on

Quá ít Desktop – is make to testing and learn about linux and XFCE ( read on blog ) but i can’t make all needed, so i use the PCLinuxOS
as base for it. Please beware, Quá ít is not a officially remaster of or by PCLinuxOS or the community of those,
for used daily and safe, please get it on from there.
on progress…….


Who is testing this is personally responsible for damages of any kind!  >>> All without warranty , I accept no responsibility or liability for damages, consequential damages and other changes to the hardware, software or installations of any kind! <<<

Wer dies testet ist selber verantwortlich für auftrettende Schäden jeglicher Art!  >>> Alles ohne Garantie, ich übernehme keine Verantwortung oder Haftung bezüglich Schäden, Folgeschäden und sonstigen Veränderungen  an Hardware, Software oder Installationen jeglicher Art! <<<




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